GHO Missions Trip to Sebaco, Nicaragua July 5 - 13, 2014


Dear Friends and Family,

Heidi and I have dreamed of doing a father-daughter missions trip together where our skills and abilities in healthcare will allow us to serve and build the church.


We will be working alongside 18 local pastors from different denominations, as well as 15 other local church leaders. The clinic will take place in a school, and the pastors will assist in the logistics. The clinic itself will have an area for registration, after which the patients will go through a process of evangelism, counseling, and prayer with local church leaders and members. After evangelism, the patients will be going into to the various clinics of dentistry, optometry, and medicine.

The objective for these medical missions in Central America are:

To give the glory to God, and not to man.
To carry out the Great Commission
To empower the local pastors
To promote unity in the body of Christ
To allow the American medical professionals the chance to make a difference through medical missions.

The local pastors are taking on the responsibilities for all of the logistics for the medical clinics. GHO guarantees the local community that they will receive the best possible medical and dental care from our GHO team members, and that the local pastors will give them the best spiritual care. We are honored to be part of such a great team of pastors and doctors working together to carry out the Great Commission, and trusting that the local pastors will give the patients the best spiritual follow up after the GHO team has returned home.


Nicaragua is the Central American country with the greatest challenges in in terms of spiritual, economic and health concerns. From 1936 to 1979, Nicaragua lived under the dictator known as Somoza. In 1979 there arose the Sandinista Revolution, which overthrew Somoza's dictatorship. Unfortunately, this evolved into yet another dictatorship, and brought about the civil war that so deteriorated and destroyed the land and people of Nicaragua for the next ten years. Democracy did not arrive in Nicaragua until 1990, when the first free elections were held. Nicaragua has enjoyed peace and democracy for the past 16 years, but still suffers the effects of years of war in that they are desperately poor and in need of medical assistance.


Founded in 1989;  Location: 220 Km from Managua;  Population: 28,942

Climate: The climate is hot and dry, with temperatures ranging between 21° - 30° C., in some cases reaching as high as 41° C.  Altitude: 469.67 meters above sea level.

Economy: The people subsist mainly on what they can earn through agriculture, and the cultivation of crops such as rice and corn.

The Rationing of Electricity: There is electricity in the area, but throughout our brigade we will be without electric power for 5 hours a day due to the rationing that is taking place throughout Nicaragua.

Food: Local dishes include “gallo pinto,” which is a mixture of rice and beans, as well as pork and plantains.


Heidi and I would ask for your prayers for safe travel, protection, that we would be filled with God’s love for the people of Sebaco and wisdom to know how to serve them medically and tp convey clearly the hope of the Gospel.   John and Heidi Chaffee

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