Bi-Weekly Leadership Meeting -  Tuesday 12/12, 7:00pm at HCC.  Main agenda to discuss Service Change.  
Worship Service Playlist  -  If you have spotify you can use the following playlists for your family and personal worship time during the week. 
Preaching Fellowship Ministry .  Saturday in December or January for Men active in or interested in Preaching at Foothills.  8AM to Noon at Thom Mullins' Home.  Be sure to review the sermons by Art Azurdia on Ministerial Defiance for our discussion.  Both in terms of content as well as delivery and the focus will be on Part II.
Vintage and end of the year service December 31st.  We will be having our "5th Sunday" service at the Engstrom's home with shared Lunch. There will be no Foothills service at the HCC facility on this day. 
Mobile Versions of Our Website  If you want to use a mobile version of our website, then you can download the Android version here and the iPhone/iPad version here.


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