Meeting at DeBusscheres through September 1st and then at the Harpers for rest of September. 

Leaders and Wives Quarterly Dinner Wed August 28th at 7PM.  Meeting at Crockett's Public House in Maple Valley.

Quick Productive Fellowship at the Engstroms August 31st from 8AM to 10AM .  Followed by brunch from 10AM to 11AM.  Bring gloves, weed whackers (basic weeding and gardening tools). Please send Karen an email reponse if you are able to make it so we can plan jobs and brunch. 

Leaders Meeting Saturday September 7th at 5PM.  Meeting at the Redhouse in Renton, WA

Worship Service Playlist  -  If you have Spotify you can use the following playlists for your family and personal worship time during the week. 

Mobile Versions of Our Website  If you want to use a mobile version of our website, then you can download the Android version here and the iPhone/iPad version here.


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Foothills Household of Faith

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